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Comedyfessionals Philanthropic

Comedyfessionals founder, activist and noted philanthropist Rhonda Coleman has an aggressive philanthropic agenda to contribute positively to the global community. To that end our exclusive humour therapy clinics, workshops, events and treatments will be provided to those in need including underserved communities, critically wounded and terminally ill or depressed and abused demographics. Comedyfessionals philanthropic agenda will also service emerging economies and those world citizens ravaged by war, famine or poverty.

Custom carnivals, funny events, gifting, scholarships to Comedyfessionals University, Comedyfessionals Camps or Comedyfessionals LOL Luxe Retreats and celebrity comic connections are just a few of the ways Comedyfessionals ignites the laughter for those that truly need it most!

Custom Carnivals and Funny Events are whimsical celebrations infused with cheer and laughter to uplift those in need. Hosted by Comedyfessionals and our esteemed corporate sponsors these funny events are packaged demographic specific for terminally ill children, adults, the underserved, the war wounded or dependents of military families who suffer from long term deployments or loss.

Comedyfessionals Camps are designed and packaged demographic specific with adventure and laughter. This is one camp you’ll laugh, learn, evolve and enjoy and the best part is our camps are jammed packed full of funny and new friends to recharge your life!

Comedyfessionals LOL Luxe Retreats are customized for humour therapy distressing and designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit while in absolute luxury. These events are held at five star properties worldwide.

Comedyfessionals Celebrity Comic Connections bring celebrity comics to terminally ill patients around the world. Terminally ill patients are given a special uplift for the road by connecting with celebrity comics.

For more information on Comedyfessionals Philanthropic or to request Comedyfessionals charity for your specific non profit organization, corporation or community in need please submit a proposal to

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