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Press Releases

Comedyfessionals Association Launches Exclusive Who’s Who Networking Organization Membership Open To Comics, Entertainment Execs & Buyers of Comedy Key Notes Speakers

Beverly Hills, CA (Comedyfessionals PR) January 20, 2009—Comedyfessionals Association (CfA) offers a professional networking connection for comics, entertainment, mass media executives and buyers of comedy talent as keynote speakers including meeting planners.

CfA announced today the launch of its multi-cultural philanthropy outreach organization for the profession of comedy that advocates freedom of comedy expression in television, film, stage and new media. CfA initiates and promotes humor therapy, volunteerism and positive global participation. CfA empowers, promotes and mentors comedy professionals while actively supporting and bonding with emerging, veteran and iconic comedians, academia, corporations, mass media and government.

CfA is at the forefront of comedy legacies and offers support, resources, scholarships, networking, recognition events and extensive humor therapy related research. Additional programs include community outreach, comedy competitions, interships, mentoring, networking, scholarships, keynote speakers, development workshops and CfA International.

CfA membership is free until September 30, 2009 for comics, entertainment and mass media executives and buyers of comedy entertainment as keynotes including meeting planners.

“Comedyfessionals Association is the who’s who of professional comedy networking organizations and our membership benefits are unparalleled!” —Rhonda Coleman, Comedyfessional-In-Chief

For more information on Comedyfessionals Association (CfA) or its memberships and exclusive benefits please visit our corporate website.

Media Contact:
Comedyfessionals Association
Rhonda Coleman

Comedyfessionals University Provides Free Comedy Training Courses & E-Learning Suite

Beverly Hills, CA (Comedyfessionals PR) January 20, 2009—Comedyfessionals University announces the launch of its institution offering many free comedy education and training courses including a cutting edge e-learning platform accessible to students worldwide.

Comedyfessionals University is the definitive ivy league institution of comedy education and training with an intensive curriculum written and produced by Rhonda Coleman plus jammed packed value contributions from some of the hottest comics and comedy writers in the entertainment industry. “Laugh-A-Nomics: The Funny & Lucrative Business of Comedy is a complete program for a career in comedy” adds Coleman, The Comedyfessional-In-Chief. There are courses in stand up comedy, media training, public speaking , packaging , marketing and more! The institution boasts bricks and mortar locations in Del Mar, Orange County and Los Angeles, California and a web based e-learning platform. The  bricks and mortar training is currently available with the e-learning suite released in limited edition. Comedyfessionals University intends to release its full e-learning suite in February teaching comedy to students across the globe with a focus on comedy students in emerging markets.

Comedy students can download interactive comedy training modules in the form of pod casts,
videos, flash , animated, interactive and print presentations. Expect world-class instructors from guest professors of comedy, the iconic comedians to veteran comics and the hottest emerging comics that teach the Comedyfessionals brand of funny.

Comedyfessionals University offers several honorary degrees including the PhfD: Doctorate of Funny, BfD:  Bachelor’s of  Funny, AfD: Associate of Funny , fCert : Funny Certified , HTD: Doctorate of Humour Therapy degree, BSC: Bitch Slap Certification and the  HAD: Heckler Defense Associate degree to its graduate students.

Comedyfessionals fraternity and sorority organizations mentor emerging comics. Exciting and lucrative opportunities abound for in-demand comics in mass media today. Future projections of profiting off funny are favorable. Well prepped comedians can participate professionally as stand up comics, comedy writers for television, film, new media, radio, stage, keynote speaking and other comedy careers are available while earning a comfortable living.  Polish your funny and hone your comedy craft at Comedyfessionals University. Learn funny at your own pace with downloadable courses, e-learning modules, videos and pod casts or at get up close and personal comedy training at our bricks and mortar locations.

“Comedyfessionals University offers free comedy training and scholarships because it feels great to give back as our commitment to spread great comedy vibes worldwide!” Rhonda Coleman , Comedyfessional-In-Chief at Comedyfessionals, Inc.

For more information on Comedyfessionals University, Comedyfessionals Workshops and the Laugh-A-Nomics curriculum please visit our corporate website.

Media Contact:
Comedyfessionals University
Rhonda Coleman

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